a TPMS Tire Pressure and Temp Monitoring System set of 4

a TPMS  Tire Pressure and Temp Monitoring System set of 4
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TPMS Tire Pressure and Temp Monitoring System set of 4 with 70 Lbs max Wireless set of TIRE PRESSURE and TIRE TEMPERATURE Monitors Includes 4 wheels senders / transmitters and DASHBOARD READOUT This is a complete DO IT YOUR SELF KIT ! If you have NEW RIMS simply install new valve stems (provided) and wireless senders ... If you are installing in existing (on car) have any tire shop install .... Most often valve stems can be changed by simply "breaking tire bead" on the valve stem side ... When ( IF) valve stems are centered in rim (some custom / wide rims have valve stems in-between spokes - centered on rim) then completely dismount tire / remove old valve stem and install new valve stems and senders. COST AT MOST TIRE SHOPS IS MINIMAL .... Actual installation of valve stems (with tires off) is 1-2 minutes per wheel ! Plug ( or HARD WIRE as we have done on our old Corvettes and all our 4x4/s ) digital dash read out into cigarette lighter AND YOU ARE DONE ! As soon as you add air to EACH TIRE .... like magic individual Tire Pressure and TEMPERATURE reads out on your new DASHBOARD SCREEN Dashboard display comes with VELCRO tape ...so mount it anywhere you want ! Small size (approx 2" tall x 3" long) SIMPLE OPERATION ! Leave on auto mode and everytime you turn ignition key on (drive car) ALL FOUR TIRE PRESSURES DISPLAY ON SCREEN ! Front panel has a button to change display to TIRE TEMPS ! Not only does the TIRE TEMPS show tire temperatures .... we have discovered it also detects brake heat (out of adjustment brakes / brakes that are dragging etc / wheel bearings failing and probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT ....bent suspension or bad alignment that is creating TIRE SCUFF or TIRE DRAG .... Tap the front panel button again and the readout will change from TEMPS to PRESSURE and back again approx every 30 seconds ...........The default is always PRESSURE ! NOW FOR THE BEST OF ALL .... You set lbs of KG (metric bars) LBS ( Pounds ) of course are what all USA (American) drivers prefer .... Likewise TEMPS are in F unless you select C (metric again ) You also have AUDIBLE WARNINGS to you set for HIGH or LOW pressures and temps .... THESE TPMS do it all ...from the SAME MANUFACTURERS that supply OEM TPMS to the factories ..........EXCEPT OURS HAVE MORE FEATURES and MORE OPTIONS ! Range of wireless senders is 70 feet .........So order a set for your car PLUS install a 2nd set on your race or travel trailer .... KEEP THE TRAILER SET 100% MOBILE ( do not hard wire the display to the tow vehicle ) so ANY TOW VEHICLE can use the TRAILER DISPLAY ... In other words the TRAILER UNIT goes wherever the trailer goes ! ( YES .... units have UNIQUE FREQUENCIES so one unit does not interfer with another unit that is in the 70 foot transmit - receive range ) ORDER YOUR TPMS TODAY .... This is such a SAFETY ISSUE that the National Highway Safety Commission MANDATED all new (OEM) cars and trucks have TPMS as ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT ! YES ... We also have sets for 18 wheelers and 6 wheel Motorhomes ! At checkout you can order MULTIPLE sets and get DISCOUNTS ... The more you order the better your cost gets ! Last years models do not have all the OPTIONS and ALARMS ... We only stock and ship the NEWEST and LATEST MODELS ... We offer you ... our VALUED CUSTOMER only the latest technology !
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