Bonneville WOOD Race Shop Sign 24 x 11

Bonneville WOOD  Race Shop Sign 24 x 11
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  • Item #: DMS-OWS-HRH-402
Bonneville WOOD Race Shop Sign ............................... Bonneville WORLDS FASTEST HIGHWAY ... WEATHERED VINTAGE LOOK SIGN ............. Hotrod tin signs are true visual reflections of the times we all grew up with ! . Used as an advertising form initially, today these signs are a collectible art form. These tin signs are authentic reproductions utilizing the same process popularized in the early 1900s. In fact, most of these signs are printed on the oldest presses in America. They are the most popular signs of an era gone by. Every race shop, hot rod garage, or game room needs a collection of tin signs to be complete ... Our race shop - rec room takes our guests back to the GOOD OLD DAYS of Top Fuel Racing ... Cross country trips to Nascar Tracks and the $ 100 a shift grudge races in our off times ...Back to the GOOD OLD DAYS when we were all part of where our sport is today !
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